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 This is your opportunity to give us your opinions and ideas about different products, advertising or services offered by manufactures, medical institutes, local and national government agencies. We do not sell anything. Our studies are conducted for evaluation purposes only and remain confidential. We compensate you for your time in the form of cash, gift, or donations to your favorite charity.

Please provide us with the following information:

Full Name E-mail
Fax Home
City State Zip
Year Born Gender Ethnicity
Occupation Title Industry
Marital Status Approx. Annual House Hold Income
Number of
Year of Each Birth (i.e. 67,72,88)
Do You Own
Your Home?
Highest Level of Education
Do You Smoke?         Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
Beer? Wine?
Mixed Drinks? Other?
Are you registered to vote? Political Affiliation
Do you have a pager? Do you have a cellular phone?

What is the make, model & year of your vehicles:

Own a motorcycle?  Own a watercraft? 
How many hours do you spend on your computer per week?
How many hours do you spend on the internet per week?
What operating system do you use for your computer?
What kind of processor does your computer have?
Which of the following do you currently own?
Who is your current Internet Service Provider?

If your friends or relatives (including children and senior citizens) would like to be included in our database for future studies, please fill in this form below.

Name: Address: Telephone:
Name: Address: Telephone:
Name: Address: Telephone:


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