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Phone Number     Fax    E-mail  
Date to hold    Alternative Date    Study Name or Job # 


IDI's    Diad(s)    Triad(s)    Mini Group(s)    Focus Group(s) 
Time to be held:  Start Time   End Time 
Duration of Each IDI or Group  
               Consumers   Professional                                   Medical  
               Type   Title                    Specialty  

Specifications   Recruit    for  (min)  to  (max) to show
Past participation:  6 months   1yr   Never   Other 

For Consumer Groups
Gender: Male   Female   Mixed  Age:   (min)  to   (max)
For Consumer:  Racial Composition   Standard Houston  Other, specify here:  
Household Income  (min)  to    (max)
Incentive Proposed    Would you like us to recommend an incentive?   Yes    No 

Recruiting Specifications for Professional, Medical or added Consumer specs

Focus Room Set Up

Standard set-up conference style  Theatre Style  Classroom Style  Living room Style Other 

Other Specifications:

Audio Visual Requirements

1/2" Static Video   1/2" with operator   3/4" with operator   Other
1/2" VCR Playback   3/4" VCR Playback   Super VHS   Beta   Other
Monitor: 19"   25"   27"        Boombox        Other
Computer     Specify Computer Required

Other Specification:


Number of estimated viewing clients:  
Client: Veggie Tray    Fruit Tray    Cheese & Cracker Tray 

 Fajita Dinner 

 Barbeque Plates 

 Italian Dinner 

 Chinese Buffet 


Respondent: Sandwich Tray 

Product Purchase:

Bids are valid up to 30 days from the request. Bids are reviewed after the final screener and instructions are received. Changes in specifications, or quantities may effect the cost of recruiting, facility rental, and equipment rental. We reserve the right to refuse a study, even if the facility was placed on hold.



Local: (713) 266-6277
Fax: (713) 266-6276 

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